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Booster Gold #1 95¢ Variant Value

From: The 2023 CPV Price Guide for Canadian Price Variants (Type 1A) by Bill Alexander, Tim Bildhauser, Paul Clairmont, Jay Halstead, Greg Holland, Jon McClure, Jayden Mitchell, Benjamin Nobel, Conan Saunders, Doug Sulipa, and Angelo Virone [ introduction, table of contents, all titles, other price guide editions]
Booster Gold #1 95¢ Canadian Price Variant Comic Book Picture
9.2Near Mint -$128
9.0Very Fine / Near Mint$86
8.0Very Fine$69
4.0Very Good$32
Booster Gold #1 Comic Book Values
Booster Gold #1 95¢ Cover Price Variant, DC, 2/1986, Published in the USA
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Booster Gold #1 95¢ Canadian Price Variant Issue Notes:
1st Appearance of Booster Gold (Michael Carter); Versus Blackguard
#31 in this year's Top 100.
Angelo notes: In July a 9.8 CGC sold for $590; 9.4 CGC in February sold for $245; 9.0 CGC in April sold for $127. A 9.6 CGC sold in October of 2021 for $303
Conan notes: Example variant sales at MyComicShop: a raw VG+ 4.5 on 12/27/2021 for $52 (buy it now), a raw VF- 7.5 on 6/3/2022 for $53 (at auction), a CGC 9.6 on 5/9/2022 for $167 (at auction), a raw 2.5 on 6/28/2019 for $25, a raw 5.0 on 6/1/2020 for $40, a CGC 9.2 on 1/21/2020 for $86
CGC label note: 1st appearance of Booster Gold & Skeets. Blackguard appearance. 95¢ cover price.
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Booster Gold #1 Comic Book FAQ

What is the value of Booster Gold #1?
I have a copy of Booster Gold #1 and I want to know what this comic book is worth in different grades as a first printing?

✔️Accepted answer: The answer depends on the type that you own. For Booster Gold #1, DC published a direct edition type (exceptionally well preserved by collectors as direct edition comics were the type sold in comic shops), and two newsstand types which were sold to the general public on newsstands (a regular cover price version and the 95¢ price variant). If you own a price variant, lucky you, it is worth $128 in 9.2 (Near Mint Minus).

  Suggested answer: Check whether the cover of your copy of Booster Gold #1 has a graphical logo or a bar code box. If it has a graphical logo, sorry to break it to you but you own a commonplace direct edition copy which is worth about $50 (still, that's not too shabby).

  Suggested answer: If your copy of Booster Gold #1 has a bar code box on the cover, then you've got a newsstand copy! Is it the more-rare price variant? Now for the moment of excitement: is the cover price of your newsstand copy 95¢? If so, congratulations, you own the cover price variant!!

How rare is the Booster Gold #1 95¢ cover price variant?

✔️Accepted answer: As of the September 2021 CGC census, the price variant has census rarity of 3.8%, with 70 price variant copies on record versus 1755 regular copies.

What is Booster Gold #1 worth in VF/NM condition?

✔️Accepted answer: The direct edition (logo on cover) is worth about $38 in VF/NM whereas the 95¢ newsstand variants are worth $86.

Why are the Booster Gold #1 newsstand cover price variants worth so much more than the direct edition copies?

✔️Accepted answer: As collectibles, direct edition copies are already at a disadvantage compared to newsstand copies in the highest grades, because direct editions were extraordinarily well preserved as the distinct type sold in specialty comic shops. The comic shop owners ordered direct edition copies of Booster Gold #1 at a discount to cover price, but on a non-returnable basis (the graphical logo was to tell non-returnable copies apart from their returnable newsstand counterparts). When their orders arrived, the comic shop staff handled the books with extreme care to preserve their condition, and then the comic book collectors who shopped there typically preserved their purchases in plastic bags with backing boards. By contrast, newsstand copies were treated as reading material with no staff training to handle the books with any semblance of care, and they were then sold to the general public; unsold copies were returned for credit and typically pulped/recycled forward. Only those newsstand copies of Booster Gold #1 that were taken home and preserved by collectors would survive today in the highest grades. Among surviving newsstand copies of Booster Gold #1, the market area that received the 95¢ cover price newsstand copies was a restricted area representing less than 10% the population of the total North American newsstand market. That's because the destination market for 95¢ copies of Booster Gold #1 was Canadian newsstands — hence the name Canadian Price Variant as a short-hand for 95¢ Price Variant. All of this adds up to a market value for the 95¢ variant approximately 126% higher than the direct edition in Very Fine / Near Mint (9.0) condition, as of our 2023 CPV Price Guide Edition.

In VF condition, how much is Booster Gold #1 worth?

✔️Accepted answer: The direct edition version of Booster Gold #1 is worth about $30 in Very Fine (8.0) whereas the 95¢ newsstand variants are worth $69.

What is the value of Booster Gold #1 in Fine condition?

✔️Accepted answer: In FN (6.0) shape, the direct edition version of Booster Gold #1 is worth about $21 whereas the 95¢ newsstand variants are worth $48.

What is the approximate Booster Gold #1 value in very good condition?

✔️Accepted answer: Down in VG (4.0) Very Good condition, the direct edition version of Booster Gold #1 is worth about $14 whereas the 95¢ newsstand variants are worth $32.

What is the Booster Gold #1 price guide value in good condition?

✔️Accepted answer: The price guide value way down in GD (2.0) Good condition for Booster Gold #1 is about $7 for the direct edition version whereas the 95¢ newsstand variants are worth $16.

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