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Eerie #81 $1.75 Variant Value

From: The 2024 CPV Price Guide for Canadian Price Variants (Type 1A) by Bill Alexander, Tim Bildhauser, Paul Clairmont, Greg Holland, Jon McClure, Jayden Mitchell, Benjamin Nobel, Conan Saunders, Doug Sulipa, and Angelo Virone [ introduction, table of contents, all titles, other price guide editions]
9.2Near Mint -$99
9.0Very Fine / Near Mint$66
8.0Very Fine$53
4.0Very Good$25
Eerie #81 Comic Book Values
Eerie #81 $1.75 Newsstand Cover Price Variant, Warren, 2/1977, Published in the USA
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Eerie #81 $1.75 Canadian Price Variant Issue Notes:
Frazetta-c, King Kong"
#20 in this year's Top Magazines & Graphic Novels.
Doug notes: 2/1977; 84 Pages; Nude GGA / Good Girl Art Painted Cover by FRANK FRAZETTA; SEVEN stories & cover each based on the QUEEN KONG cover by FRAZETTA with NUDE Girl on Top of Empire State Building Like KING KONG ; EIGHT page slick COLOR section; GCD Notes; ** Goodbye, Bambi Boone = 8 page story by Cary Bates with Carmine Infantino & Dick Giordano art; ** Taking Of Queen Bovine = 8 page story by Gerry Boudreau with Ramon Torrents art; ** The Bride Of Congo: The Untold Story = 10 page story by Bill DuBay with Carmine Infantino & Gonzalo Mayo art; ** You're A Big Girl Now = 10 page story by Bruce Jones with RICHAED CORBEN art; ** Starchild = 5 page story by Louise Jones & David Michelinie with Jose Ortiz art; ** The Giant Ape Suit = 8 page story by Roger McKenzie with Luis Bermejo art; ** Golden Girl = 8 page story by Nicola Cuti with Leopold Sanchez art; >>> Brief biography on; Cary Bates, Luis Bermejo, Gerry Boudreau, Rich Corben, Nicola Cuti, Bill DuBay, Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino, Bruce Jones, Louise Jones, Gonzalo Mayo, Roger McKenzie, David Michelinie, Jose Ortiz, Leopold Sanchez, Ramon Torrents;
CGC label note: 8 page color story with art by Richard Corben. All interior stories based on front cover theme.
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This page: Eerie #81 value ($1.75 Price Variant)
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As one of the top 100 most valuable variants in our guide this year, we rate $1.75 price variant copies of Eerie #81 FIVE STARS as a collectible, and the hands-down preferable type to collect for the issue as compared to regular copies. In addition to everything the issue has going for it (as detailed in the issue notes in the page above), we note the price guide value movement since 2022. Regular copies in 9.2 have not changed in value since 2022. Meanwhile, CPV copies in 9.2 have outperformed, increasing in value by $9 since 2022, or about +10%. With a $1.75 variant NM- value of $99, Eerie #81 is part of the proverbial cream of the CPV crop, with a value greater than approximately 98% of our guide's entire coverage universe.

Eerie #81 Comic Book FAQ

What is the value of Eerie #81?
I have a copy of Eerie #81 and I want to know what this comic book is worth in different grades as a first printing?

✔️Accepted answer: The answer depends on whether you own a Type 1A cover price variant copy, or a regular/plain copy of Eerie #81. If you own a price variant copy, then lucky you, it is worth $99 in 9.2 (Near Mint Minus).

  Suggested answer: Check the cover price of your copy of Eerie #81, and if it is $1.75 then congratulations, you own the more-rare cover price variant type which has a higher value. If not, then you own the regular type which has a lower value.

  Suggested answer: The higher the grade, i.e. the better the condition, the stronger the value. Our guide only goes as high as 9.2 (Near Mint-), with values for Eerie #81 listed in various grades shown on this page down to 2.0 (Good).

What is Eerie #81 worth in VF/NM condition?

✔️Accepted answer: The regular cover price version is worth about $26 in VF/NM whereas the $1.75 variants are worth $66.

Why are the Eerie #81 cover price variants worth so much more than the regular copies?

✔️Accepted answer: Among surviving copies of Eerie #81, the market area that received the $1.75 cover price copies was a restricted area representing less than 10% the population of the total North American comics market. That's because the destination market for $1.75 copies of Eerie #81 was Canada — hence the name Canadian Price Variant as a short-hand for $1.75 Price Variant. All of this adds up to a market value for the $1.75 variant approximately 154% higher than the regular copies in Very Fine / Near Mint condition (as of our 2024 CPV Price Guide Edition).

In VF condition, how much is Eerie #81 worth?

✔️Accepted answer: The regular cover price version version of Eerie #81 is worth about $21 in Very Fine (8.0) whereas the $1.75 variants are worth $53.

What is the value of Eerie #81 in Fine condition?

✔️Accepted answer: In FN (6.0) shape, the regular cover price version version of Eerie #81 is worth about $15 whereas the $1.75 variants are worth $37.

What is the approximate Eerie #81 value in very good condition?

✔️Accepted answer: Down in VG (4.0) Very Good condition, the regular cover price version version of Eerie #81 is worth about $10 whereas the $1.75 variants are worth $25.

What is the Eerie #81 price guide value in good condition?

✔️Accepted answer: The price guide value way down in GD (2.0) Good condition for Eerie #81 is about $5 for the regular cover price version version whereas the $1.75 variants are worth $12.

Has the Eerie #81 $1.75 variant from Warren been a good investment?

✔️Accepted answer: Eerie #81 $1.75 variant copies in 9.2 have outperformed, increasing in value by $9 since 2022, or about +10% in 3 years (from our 2022 guide edition to our 2024 guide edition).

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