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2023 PNJ Comics Canadian Price Variant Market Report

By Paul Clairmont, Overstreet Advisor and proprietor of pnjcomics.com, September 2023

“Prices came crashing down hard and fast on 99% of the comic book market.”

The year 2022 saw the end of the lockdowns from the Pandemic and with that came a grinding slowdown to on-line shopping and over-inflated collectable prices into 2023.

GI Joe #21 CPV
CPV prices for some keys like GI Joe #21 crashed hard in 2023.
Whether people want to accept the truth or not, the truth is this: Prices came crashing down hard and fast on 99% of the comic book market. CPVs were no exception.

Everything from Big Keys, Canadian Price Variants, to luke warm common copper age books featuring "D" class superheroes felt the sting with very little exceptions.

Of course there are the odd sales that shattered records this year but lets not mistake one buyer willing to pay for that one book to reflect the actual fair market values.

Blip #1 CPV
Blip #1 is an example of a CPV that held up fairly well in 2023.
Canadian Price Variant sales slowed in both quantity of sales and prices achieved as they have done in years past.

Condition matters greatly: Although there is plenty of interest in CPV's, the market is generally not willing to pay big premiums if the book is not in CGC 9.8.

Even as these CPV's are still tough to find in high grade, the market seems to have a threshold to what they are willing to pay in grades of 9.6 and lower.

So where do we go from here? Last year, I said the following:

“The prices have now started to soften in the latter part of 2022. Now this is actually due to economic factors such as rising interest rates and a worry as the dollar doesn’t buy as much as it did at the beginning of the year. ”

Those economic factors have continued, with interest rates rising throughout the year and buying power eroding. So for awhile we are in a dip, valley or low point. The market works in cycles and until economic conditions become favorable to buying with the return of lower interest rates and cost of living we will likely continue to see lower prices on collectables, until probably late 2024.

Until next year, Happy Hunting and Happy Collecting!

Paul Clairmont

And I'll end this report by sharing some of my recent noteworthy CPV sales below:

Noteworthy Recent CPV Sales at PNJ Comics

12-Jan-23 — Thor #338 CGC 9.6 - White — $189.00 USD
15-Mar-23 — Blade Runner #1 CGC 9.6 - White — $149.00 USD
11-Apr-23 — Amaing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.6 - White — $600.00 USD
7-May-23 — Star Wars #71 - CGC 9.6 - White — $123.00 USD
23-May-23 — Punisher Limited Series #1 CGC 9.0 - White — $149.00 USD
14-Jun-23 — Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #1-4 Raw Near Mint Set — $140.00 USD
9-Jul-23 — Captain America #286 CGC 9.8 - White — $220.00 USD
24-Jul-23 — Daredevil #190 CGC 9.6 - White — $105.00 USD
15-Aug-23 — Incredible Hulk #279 CGC 9.8 - White — $294.00 USD
24-Aug-23 — Justice League #3 CGC 9.6 - White — $100.00 USD


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